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Testing facilities

Applications for a testing facility approval are now open.

Access a list of approved testing facilities in ROVER.

Guide to Testing Facilities

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What is an approved testing facility?

An approved testing facility under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation undertakes testing of road vehicles and/or road vehicle components for compliance with:

  • national road vehicle standards referred to in Australian Design Rules (ADRs), or
  • standards determined by the Minister under subsection 89(2) of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019
  • or both.

The test results may be used as supporting evidence by applicants for the grant of a type approval, component type approval and Model Report approval to demonstrate compliance with vehicle standards.

What has changed from the Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 (MVSA)?

Under the new arrangements, a test facility will need to apply to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (the department) for an approval and be assessed for suitability under the RVS legislation. The Secretary of the department (or a delegate of the Secretary) will make a decision under the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019 about whether the applicant is suitable to be granted an approval for a testing facility and what standards they are approved to test against.

 Why do I need an approval for a testing facility?

Under the RVS legislation, applicants for type approvals, component type approvals and Model Report approvals must obtain test reports from approved testing facilities to demonstrate compliance with applicable national road vehicle standards.

If a test facility registered in RVCS wishes to continue to test road vehicles or road vehicle components for compliance with the applicable road vehicle standards, it must apply for a testing facility approval under the new RVS legislation.

Who can apply for testing facility approval?

An individual or company that carries out testing on road vehicles and road vehicle components may apply for a testing facility approval.

A testing oversight body, (an individual or company with accredited authorisation and technical qualifications to witness the testing of road vehicles or road vehicle components) may also apply for a testing facility approval.

How do I apply for a testing facility approval?

To apply for a testing facility approval, you must first create an account in ROVER, the department's IT system that supports applications made under the RVS legislation. Once you have created an account, you then need to complete the online application form in ROVER for a testing facility approval and pay the application fee.

Further details on how to apply for a testing facility approval are contained in the Guide to Testing Facilities and the Guide to using ROVER to apply for a testing facility approval; see Resources below.

How much does it cost to submit an application?

The Australian Government recovers the costs of activities relating to the administration of the RVS legislation from industry participants.

The fees we charge for testing facility approval applications reflect the actual cost of processing applications. When an application is submitted, ROVER will prompt you to make a payment via the online payment system. The application's status will remain 'submitted-pending payment' until payment has been made. If no payment is made within 30 days, the application will be 'refused to be considered'. When payment has been made, your application will progress to the assessment stage and the status will be updated to 'in progress'.

If an approval is granted, testing facilities will also be required to pay a fixed annual levy. This reflects a share of the broader costs of other regulatory activities that the department undertakes, including stakeholder engagement, education, compliance and enforcement activities and a portion of capital costs.

The following fees and levies will apply:

  • Application fee: $370
  • Annual levy: $970

Annual levies are payable in advance, upon grant of an approval and each year thereafter on the anniversary of the date your approval was granted. However, the annual levy for the first year will not be payable for all testing facilities that apply before 1 July 2021.

When can I apply for an approval?

Applications for a testing facility approval are now open.

To apply for a testing facility approval, please visit ROVER.

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List of approved testing facilities

To view the list of approved testing facilities, please visit ROVER. The list of approved testing facilities will be regularly updated. Please note testing facilities may opt out of having their details published even if they have been approved.


More information about the new arrangements for testing facilities, as well as supporting guidance, can be found on the RVS legislation guides and resources page under 'Testing facilities'.

For a 'Guide to using ROVER to apply for a testing facility approval' please visit the ROVER resources page.

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Last Updated: 15 July, 2021