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Independent price regulation of heavy vehicle charges—public discussion paper

As part of the Australian Government’s response to Infrastructure Australia’s Australian Infrastructure Plan, and in line with the Transport and Infrastructure Council’s Heavy Vehicle Road Reform Road Map, the Department undertook a public consultation process to seek public and industry views on options for independent price regulation of heavy vehicle charges. This consultation took place from 25 May 2017 to 14 July 2017.

Independent price regulation is a critical step in the Government’s heavy vehicle road reform agenda. It will provide the basis for a pricing system in which:

  • decisions on heavy vehicle charges are made at arm’s length from government;
  • the reasons and evidence for pricing decisions by the independent regulator are readily available and transparent; and
  • pricing decisions by the independent regulator are binding on governments.

The discussion paper proposed three options for which entity could take responsibility for independent price regulation. The Australian Government sought input from stakeholders on the merits of independent price regulation and which organisation would be best placed to carry out this task. Further details, background and an explanation of independent price regulation for heavy vehicle charges are set out in the discussion paper.

  • Independent price regulation of heavy vehicle charges PDF: 2206 KB ReadSpeaker

Consultation on the discussion paper has now closed.

Submissions will be used to inform the Government’s approach to heavy vehicle charging reform and can be accessed below.

Australian Automobile Association:
Cover letter
Policy position document
PDF: 84 KB ReadSpeaker
PDF: 7655 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Logistics Council PDF: 528 KB ReadSpeaker
Australasian Rail Association PDF: 206 KB ReadSpeaker
Australian Trucking Association PDF: 325 KB ReadSpeaker
Business Council of Australia PDF: 764 KB ReadSpeaker
CBH Group (Cooperative Bulk Handling) PDF: 1266 KB ReadSpeaker
Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia PDF: 2989 KB ReadSpeaker
ConnectEast (EastLink) PDF: 636 KB ReadSpeaker
Freight on Rail Group (FORG) PDF: 542 KB ReadSpeaker
Gas Energy Australia PDF: 150 KB ReadSpeaker
Grain Growers Limited PDF: 258 KB ReadSpeaker
Natroad PDF: 375 KB ReadSpeaker
National Farmers Federation PDF: 296 KB ReadSpeaker
National Heavy Vehicle Regulator PDF: 191 KB ReadSpeaker
National Transport Commission PDF: 142 KB ReadSpeaker
No WestConnex: Public Transport DOCX: 14 KB
Pacific National PDF: 88 KB ReadSpeaker
South Australian Freight Council PDF: 168 KB ReadSpeaker
Towrang Valley Progress Group DOCX: 13 KB
Transurban PDF: 343 KB ReadSpeaker
Western Australia Transport Portfolio PDF: 3978 KB ReadSpeaker
Wollongong Transport Coalition PDF: 190 KB ReadSpeaker
J Austen DOCX: 15 KB
Dr Philip Laird PDF: 195 KB ReadSpeaker
Mr Rod Hatty DOCX: 13 KB
Mr Jim Donovan DOCX: 14 KB