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Australia's State Aviation Safety Programme

4. State safety promotion

4.1 Internal communication and dissemination of safety information

Australia's aviation safety agencies offer a range of mandatory and recommended safety awareness training for all relevant staff. SSP and SMS awareness training has been developed and is accompanied by educational and promotional products. Awareness training is communicated through various means such as through agencies learning management systems, email newsletters, fact sheets and internal advertising.

In addition to the formal MOUs and coordination groups that bring together the agencies responsible for aviation safety, the ATSB conducts briefings on the progress of investigations including emerging issues relating to resourcing and scope, stakeholder management and identified or potential safety issues.

CASA and ATSB liaise regularly in relation to the progress of accident and incident investigations, safety actions, shared training opportunities and requests for information.

CASA and ATSB offer training courses which are available to staff from other agencies with an involvement in safety, including state and territory police forces. These include aircraft accident investigation, human factors, new technologies, SMS and risk management training.

An effective programme of safety promotion is critical in supporting the core operational objectives of Australia's SSP. A number of Australian Government aviation agencies undertake safety promotion as part of their mandated responsibilities.

Safety promotion is enhanced through staff training and better communication and dissemination of safety information.

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Last Updated: 10 May, 2016