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Australia's State Aviation Safety Programme

2. State safety risk management

2.3 Accident and incident investigations

ATSB is responsible for meeting Australia's Annex 13 responsibilities for the notification and independent investigation of accidents and other safety occurrences involving civil aircraft in Australia and taking part in the investigation of accidents and other occurrences involving Australian aircraft overseas. Reported occurrences and the results of relevant ATSB safety investigations are provided to ICAO where required.

In accordance with the standards and recommended practices of Annex 13, ATSB also, on request, assists its regional neighbours in the conduct of investigations through the provision of investigator expertise and technical facilities.

ATSB aims to investigate all accidents and other significant safety occurrences to the extent necessary to inform future safety research and trend analysis. ATSB does not investigate for the purpose of apportioning blame or to provide a means for determining liability.

Reports of all ATSB investigations are made public. Central to the ATSB's investigation of transport safety matters is the early identification of safety issues in the transport environment.

The ATSB prefers to encourage the relevant organisation(s) to initiate proactive safety action that addresses safety issues. Nevertheless, ATSB may use its power to make a formal safety recommendation either during or at the end of an investigation, depending on the level of risk associated with a safety issue and the extent of corrective action undertaken by the relevant organisation.

When safety recommendations are issued, they focus on clearly describing the safety issue of concern, rather than providing instructions or opinions on a preferred method of corrective action.

As with equivalent overseas organisations, ATSB has no power to enforce the implementation of its recommendations. It is a matter for the body to which an ATSB recommendation is directed to assess the costs and benefits of any particular means of addressing a safety issue.

Further information about the ATSB is available on the ATSB website.

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Last Updated: 10 May, 2016