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Register of Liquor Licences

This register is made pursuant to regulation 4AZ of the Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997

Passenger Terminal Licences

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited

These Passenger Terminal Licences were varied on 24 December 2015 and the variation is attached to the licence:

  • Licence Number 00001 PDF: 88 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Mark Zaouk, International Terminal, Sydney Airport
  • Licence Number 00003 PDF: 76 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Mark Zaouk, Domestic Express Terminal, Sydney Airport
  • Licence Number 00006 PDF: 82 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Mark Zaouk, Terminal 2, Sydney Airport
  • Licence Number 00007 PDF: 78 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Mark Zaouk, Terminal 3, Sydney Airport

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General Licences

Schofields Flying Club Limited

Directors—Schofield Flying Club (as at 16 December 2015)
Paul Blackshaw
Colin Jones
Neville Pringle
Francesco Peronace
Steven Kastanias
Allan Bligh
Georghios Demetriou
Richard Smyth-King
Cameron Sandell

  • Licence Number 00003 PDF: 39 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: John Young

Australian Aviation Museum

Directors— Australian Aviation Museum (as at 11 February 2015)
Barry Thompson
Kevin Snowball
Mike McGree
Bill Hamilton
David Rittie
Guy Hammond

  • Licence Number 00002 PDF: 37 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Garry Pritchard

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited

This General Licence was varied on 4 October 2017 and the transfer documentation is attached to the licence.

Directors—Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (as at 30 October 2017)
Trevor Gerber
Kerrie Mather
Grant Fenn
Michael Lee
John Roberts
Ann Sherry
Stephen Ward

  • General Licence Number 00004 PDF: 105 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Anthony Caw

Australian Liquor Marketers Pty Ltd (t/a Cellarbrations at Georges Hall, Supa IGA)

This General Licence was transferred on 13 July 2016 and the transfer documentation is attached to the licence.

Directors— Australian Liquor Marketers Pty Ltd (as at 13 July 2016)
Ian Morrice
Brad Soller
Scott Marshall

  • General Licence Number 00005 PDF: 400 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Enrico Mezzatesta

Sydney Airport Hotel Operations Pty Ltd (t/a Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel)

Directors (as at 30 December 2015)
David Baffsky
John Landerer
Phillip Paul Wolanski

  • General Licence Number 00006 PDF: 47 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Aatish Nyar

ALDI Foods Pty Ltd

Directors— Aldi Foods Pty Ltd (as at 14 January 2016)
Thomas Daunt
Stefan Kopp

  • General License Number 00007 PDF: 35 KB ReadSpeaker
    Nominee: Steven Powley

Mantra Hotel at Sydney Airport

Directors (as at 22 June 2017)
Kerry East
Kevan Funnell
Stephen Hobson

  • General Licence Number 00008 PDF: 29 KB ReadSpeaker
    Neil McDonald

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Function Licences

  • There are currently no Function Licences.

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