Road Vehicle Recalls Working Group

The Road Vehicle Standards Bill 2018 and related legislation received Royal Assent on 10 December 2018. The Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation will benefit industry, the consumer and the regulator to deliver safer roads by modernising current processes. A significant inclusion in the RVS legislation are recall provisions.

The recall provisions under the RVS legislation apply to road vehicles, and approved road vehicle components. They empower the Minister to issue a recall notice for a compulsory recall, and set out the obligations on suppliers in relation to notifying the Minister of certain information about a compulsory or voluntary recall.

The Australian Government has extended the commencement date for the recall provisions under the Road Vehicle Standards legislation. For more information please visit Road Vehicle Standards legislation implementation.

Infrastructure has established a working group, the Road Vehicle Recalls Working Group (Recalls Working Group). The forum:

  • Enables suppliers to raise issues and experiences of common interest in relation to recalls, and
  • Facilitates industry-departmental consultation and engagement in relation to the implementation and administration of the recall provisions under the RVS legislation by Infrastructure.

The Recalls Working Group convenes every two months leading up to the implementation of the RVS legislation. Post implementation, the members of the Recalls Working Group will agree on the frequency of future meetings.

Each Recalls Working Group meeting has a pre-determined agenda of questions for the membership to address, on matters such as roles and responsibilities in relation to the notification of recall action to Infrastructure, reporting and performance monitoring, and the training and support needs of industry.

The Recalls Working Group is chaired by the General Manager of the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch within Infrastructure, with the balance of membership comprised of:

  • Representatives from Infrastructure
  • Industry associations
  • Individual industry nominees, and;
  • Where relevant, other authorities (e.g. the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, or National Heavy Vehicle Regulator)

For transparency and to facilitate further engagement, Infrastructure publishes key Recalls Working Group documentation to this website, such as the Terms of Reference, meeting papers and key decisions made.

Meeting papers

Meeting #1, 10 August 2018

Meeting #2, 21 November 2018

Meeting #3, 27 March 2019

Brisbane, 4 July 2019


Last Updated: 3 October, 2019