Vehicles that do not need approval

Some vehicles do not require a Vehicle Import Approval. These are usually vehicles that are not designed to be used on the road. Such vehicles may include such vehicles as railway or tramway rolling-stock, tracked vehicles, bulldozers, graders, excavators, loaders, dumpers, agricultural tractors or trailers, pedestrian-controlled tractors, forklifts, children's toys and fairground amusements.

Please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for more information on clearing your vehicle through Customs.

Please note that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Customs) will generally require an importer of any vehicle to obtain advice from the Department that it is not categorised as a ‘road vehicle’ under the legislation. Please refer to our Non-Road Vehicles—Off-Road and Non-Transport Equipment Assessment Option page for further information.


Last Updated: 19 August, 2015