The Competent Authorities Panel—National Exemptions, Approvals and Determinations

The Competent Authorities Panel (CAP) is a body whose prime responsibility is to consider submissions requesting national exemptions, determinations and classifications that may operate at variance to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. CAP generally meets twice a year and considers submissions from industry and industry associations. Submissions to CAP for either an exemption, approval or administrative determination must first be considered by the Competent Authority in the relevant jurisdiction to ensure that the matter is of national effect and the submission is complete and in accordance with the Regulations.

The Secretariat for CAP is provided by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities. When submitting an application to CAP through your Competent Authority it is essential that you use the pro-forma and provide adequate supporting information for CAP members to consider. This may include diagrams, photographic material and other technical information. When applying for an Exemption the submission material must demonstrate ‘equivalent safety’. If you are uncertain of what to provide to support your submission contact your Competent Authority to discuss the matter.


Last Updated: 4 March, 2020