Safe, efficient and sustainable domestic and international transport systems are vital to Australia's continuing prosperity.

The Australian Government, through the department, contributes to the prosperity of the economy and the wellbeing of all Australians by supporting and enhancing our transport systems.

The department provides strategic policy advice to assist the government to shape the framework underpinning road, rail, maritime and aviation transport in Australia. Through its central office located in Canberra and its regional office network, the department provides a diverse range of day-to-day services to the transport sector and the community.

  • Information on the road, rail, sea and air transport infrastructure programs administered by the Department.

  • An exploration of transport in Australia including objectives, general trends, facts, policy, international obligations and government responsibility.

  • The freight and logistics sector is a critical component of the national economy. This section contains details on initiatives the Australian Government is undertaking to deliver nationally coordinated and well-planned freight systems supporting a strong and prosperous Australia.

  • Technology in the transport sector is undergoing rapid change, bringing with it opportunities to improve a number of key areas including safety, accessibility, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Vehicle automation means that the tasks we associate with driving today, like accelerating, braking, turning or changing lanes, will be performed by a sophisticated vehicle computer system instead of a person.

  • International engagement bridges the natural barrier created by Australia’s geography.

  • The Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 makes discrimination on the basis of disability unlawful in a number of areas of life. For further information please follow this link.

  • Information on how the department is adopting best practice regulation standards in transport deregulation.