Princes Highway Corridor Strategy

The Princes Highway Corridor Strategy will develop an evidence base to underpin a ‘whole-of-corridor’ perspective of the current and future role of the Princes Highway, including economic, social and environmental factors. It will support meaningful engagement with industry and key stakeholders and provide the evidence necessary to allow governments to make informed investment decisions.

The objectives of the Strategy are:

  • Promoting better access and connectivity to and along the corridor
  • Improving safety and providing efficient driving conditions along the length of the corridor
  • Activating the corridor as a means to drive better regional development and industry performance
  • Promoting more efficient and environmentally sustainable use of the corridor
  • Supporting corridor investments which are value adding, well-informed and linked together as part of an overarching vision for the corridor.

The Australian Government is delivering the Strategy in partnership with the NSW Government, the Government of Victoria and the Government of South Australia. The Princes Highway Corridor Strategy will be delivered by mid-2019.

About the Princes Highway

The Princes Highway is a national road asset running along the southeast coast of Australia, beginning in Sydney and ending in Port Augusta. Part of Australia’s Highway 1 network, the 1,941 km route extends through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and serves as an important connection between the metropolitan centres of Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide.

Excluding capital cities, over 1 million people live in the local government areas traversed by the Princes Highway, with an estimated 50% living in urban centres or townships. The highway supports from below 1,000 vehicles per day in rural sections to over 60,000 vehicles per day in urban centres.

The highway is also an iconic tourist road, forming part of the Grand Pacific Drive along New South Wales’ south coast and links to the Great Ocean Road on the west Victorian coast. The route is a strategically important corridor for freight movements and provides regional industries, such as forestry, metal manufacturing, timber, beef, seafood and dairy producers with access to domestic markets and major ports. The total alignment of the Princes Highway is shown below.

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Corridor maps by state:

Issues Paper and public invitation to comment

The Issues Paper PDF: 4202 KB summarises the work to date in identifying issues and opportunities to be considered in the development of the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy.

The Paper has been developed with the input of a wide range of stakeholders and now is the time for the broader community, as users of the Princes Highway, to consider whether we have missed anything. Early, open and productive engagement is essential to the development of a comprehensive strategy that will inform decisions about the Princes Highway for at least the next decade.

You are encouraged to read this document and if you identity issues and/or opportunities that have not been included, we invite you to provide a written submission.

Submissions will be accepted until 12 April 2019 although the earlier they are provided the more time is available for consideration and inclusion.

In writing a submission please note which strategic objective it fits under, and ensure it is not already covered. Objectives are:

  • Safety: strong focus on improving safety outcomes along the corridor, including where freight and other traffic intersect. This could include information such as crash statistics, and evidence of where locations have safety issues.
  • Access and connectivity: strong focus on improving access to economic opportunities, including regional growth areas along the corridor. This could include information such as locations where certain vehicles cannot access the corridor and information relating to events which have created significant road closures.
  • Corridor activation: the role of the corridor in driving better regional development and industry performance. This could include information such as examples of transport corridor treatments leading to improved industry performance and information related to specific industries that could change how the corridor is currently used. It could also include experiences relating to the way land use planning is integrated with transport corridors (ie Movement and Place).
  • Efficiency and sustainability: Promotes better environmental outcomes from more efficient travel. This could include information such as locations where road congestion is causing issues and locations where the corridor has either positively or negatively impacted the amenity of an area.
  • Investment and vision: transparent investment priorities achieving value for money and linked together as part of an overarching vision for the corridor. This could include information such as initiatives that have been successfully implemented in other corridors that could apply to the Princes Highway.

Please send your submission to

Privacy Statement

The department has engaged GHD Pty Ltd to collect information from a variety of stakeholders including peak bodies and industry associations on the use (current and future) of the Princess Highway road corridor and identify issues and constraints to be considered in the development of a strategy for the Princes Highway corridor. This information is being collated into a stakeholder consultation report which will be used to inform the development of the strategy. The information collected may include opinions, views and other personal information and is being collected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

The department will only receive de-identified aggregate information from GHD. Personal information collected by GHD will only be used for the purpose stated above, will be stored securely, within Australia and will not be disclosed to or accessed by individuals or companies outside Australia.

The department’s privacy policy contains information regarding complaint handling processes and how to access and/or seek correction of personal information held by the department. The Privacy Officer can be contacted on (02) 6274 6495.

Further Information

GHD Pty Ltd has been engaged by the department to develop the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy with guidance from a steering committee comprising DIRDC, Transport for Victoria, NSW Transport, NSW Roads & Maritime Services and South Australia’s Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure.

The views of other federal and state agencies, local government, industry organisations and peak bodies will be sought during the development of the Strategy. Consultation is expected to commence in December 2018 and continue through until the end of April 2019. For further information, please contact GHD: