Newell Highway Corridor Strategy

The Australian Government is developing a Newell Highway Strategy (the Strategy) in consultation with the New South Wales Government and key stakeholders.  The Strategy will focus on the relationship between the Newell Highway and Inland Rail in delivering efficient outcomes in the movement of regional freight, as well as challenges such as road safety and flooding. 

The Strategy is intended to provide a comprehensive picture of the current performance and future challenges along the Newell Highway. The Strategy will be able to be used to inform the investment decisions of both federal and state governments.

The objectives of the strategy are:

  • Analyse the current performance of the Newell Highway corridor and identify operational constraints.
  • Consider future demand in consideration of the Australian Government’s investment in the Inland Rail project and other investments along the corridor, including the NSW Government’s $500 million existing investments in the corridor.
  • Develop a shared set of federal and state government objectives for the Newell Highway corridor.
  • Identify priorities for infrastructure investment along the corridor that support the shared objectives.
  • Investigate the priority investments to identify potential costs and benefits that support the shared objectives, and timeframe for completion of priority investments.

About the Newell Highway

The Newell Highway is a significant artery traversing regional New South Wales and performs an important role in the movement of road freight. The highway contributes to the competitiveness of Australia’s agricultural and mining sectors, opening up access to essential freight networks in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

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