National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS)

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) is an initiative of the Australian Government that brings together information on major infrastructure projects from all jurisdictions and across the three tiers of government on one website.
Constructors, investors, governments and the public can view the national pipeline of upcoming infrastructure projects where governments have committed to fund construction in a single timeline.

The NICS also provides information on Infrastructure Australia's National Priority List, as well as all planning and feasibility studies currently being undertaken by governments. The NICS website also lists public assets which are proposed to be brought to market. This will include assets brought to market through the Australian Government's Asset Recycling Initiative.

The NICS provides a one-stop portal for information on government-procured infrastructure, delivering certainty and transparency to industry. This initiative facilitates broader involvement in the market, assists to provide greater efficiencies in procurement and resource planning, and encourages increased investment by showcasing Australian infrastructure to the world.

The NICS was developed by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development in collaboration with the states, territories and local governments.

Visit to view more projects or for more information on the NICS, or to provide further feedback for future releases, please email