Factsheet: RecruitAbility

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What is RecruitAbility?

RecruitAbility is a scheme under the As One: Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy 2016–2019, which was established in 2015 and aims to attract applicants with disability by removing some of the barriers in recruitment and employment processes across the APS.

The scheme provides an opportunity for applicants with disability to progress to the next stage in the selection process if they are assessed as meeting the minimum requirements of the job. It is available across all APS levels, including SES levels.

Disability in this instance refers to any “current limitation, restriction or impairment, which has lasted, or is likely to last, for at least six months and restricts everyday activities.”

How do I opt into the RecruitAbility scheme?

In the application form, you will be asked to indicate if you wish to opt into the RecruitAbility scheme. Opting into the scheme is not mandatory, but will enable you to progress to the next stage of assessment, provided you meet the minimum requirements for the role/s.To participate in the scheme, you must identify as a person with disability in addition to selecting yes in the ‘opt in’ box. Simply declaring that you have a disability will not automatically include you in the scheme.

You are not required to share details of your disability with us. It is helpful if you let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments for us to support you throughout the recruitment process, an explanation of reasonable adjustment is provided below.

Entrusted parties such as the selection panel or the Talent Acquisition Team may be made aware that you have opted into the scheme for the purposes of support and reasonable adjustment/s.

Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments can be made throughout the recruitment process and subsequent employment and are designed to eliminate barriers so that a person with disability can have equal opportunity in employment, perform the requirements of the job, and participate in organisational life on an equal basis.

Reasonable adjustments can be to ensure access, provide extra equipment or alternative methods of assessment. Reasonable adjustments do not include changing the inherent requirements of the job or creation of an entirely new job.

RecruitAbility is about self-disclosure; you do not need to provide evidence of your disability to opt into the scheme, but you are making a declaration to the APS that you meet the definition.

For more information on RecruitAbility and recruitment guidelines please contact the Talent Acquisition Team on 02 6274 6161 or recruitment@infrastructure.gov.au

For more information on disability and inclusion please contact the Diversity Team on 02 6274 6161 or diversity@infrastructure.gov.au


Last Updated: 3 August, 2018