Gawler: Connected Community


Town of Gawler

Gawler, South Australia

Project stage

In progress


Start date: 09 October 2018
End date: 29 February 2020

Project value

Australian Government funding:

Focus area

  • Innovation and economic development

Project type

  • Smart energy
  • Community engagement
  • Visitor experience
  • Smart hub/precinct
  • Other

Technology type

  • Internet of Things
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone applications

Project summary

The Gawler: Connected Community Project provides the Town of Gawler with the opportunity to deliver better services, more efficient use of infrastructure and improved liveability within Gawler.

Using an advanced application of smart technology new to Council and the region, Gawler: Connected Community Project will build a smart application, The Town of Gawler App, that will improve economic development of Gawler and the Greater Adelaide region. The App will increase customer engagement through sensor technology and improve use and decision-making for public facilities and business services. This will be achieved by leveraging readily available, open and real-time data via a bespoke software platform.

The challenge

Gawler: Connected Community is a response to community and business needs. They want to adopt new and smart ways of doing things and use advanced technologies to build globally competitive high-value businesses.

Adoption of a software platform and application will deliver solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges and improve the liveability of Gawler and the region.


Using an advanced application of smart technology new to Council and the region, Gawler: Connected Community Project will build a smart application, The Town of Gawler App that will improve economic development and the liveability of Gawler and the Greater Adelaide region. 


Smart policy - the sensor and beacon technology of the App will support regulatory reform and improve governance within Council. It will enable Council to improve the use of public assets and decision-making through analysis of real-time data i.e. smart infrastructure and precincts - emptying public bins only when full, knowing when reserves need mowing; smart planning and decision making i.e. traffic management/monitoring and using weather analytics in planning events and energy efficiency i.e. inform and control the use of solar electricity and storage and investing in electric fleet vehicles.

The App platform will use a transaction system increasing the ease of access for users—one point for multiple transactions whether they are Council or other business services. Users can be notified of planned road works, pay Council rates and infringements, register dogs, book a hair appointment or buy dinner.

Town of Gawler will work with other councils, and through LoRaWan, will share data analytics to improve decision making and regulatory reforms on a broader scale. Ethical regulation and governance will apply in the security and use of information. Appropriate reporting and assessment policies will be developed.

Smart technology - disruptive and savvy technology has brought companies closer to their customers than ever before, leading to the improvement of business to consumer (B2C) relations. This project and the App will use disruptive technology to alter the way the entire community operates and engages with public and private services.

The innovative elements of this proposal are:

  • Chameleon customisation - a significant and dynamic technological advancement that enables the App to automatically re-skin itself based on location analytics.
  • Data interoperability and integration will enable users to access the Town of Gawler App in public spaces and transfer or re-skin to a business app when the user enters the store.
  • Rewards programs - a point of difference with the platform is the use of traditional Game Mechanics as well as Social Mechanics and Reputation Mechanics to enhance and maintain customer engagement.
  • Sensor and beacon technology - sensor technology provides data to the open data network that connects with the Internet of Things (IoT). This will enable interoperability, openness of systems and improved connection and integration between systems. The IoT provides Council with virtually endless opportunities and connections to consider.
  • Wi-Fi solution - providing a captive portal to customers of the site that promotes interactive elements, community messaging, advertising and local business offers.
  • Sale of products and services - a transaction system that provides non-competitive products and services into the platform for purchase by users i.e bill payment, ticketing, service fee payment, insurances In support of the feasibility of this project, the technology used to build the Town of Gawler App is like that being used for the Adelaide Central Market Traders App:


  • Public WiFi and AV Integration have been completed and launched.
  • Solar panels have been installed on two Council buildings.
  • the mCommerce App is nearing release and the Wayfinding signage will be installed after the App goes live as the signage will use the App to source its data.

Contact details

Name: Kirsty Dudley
Phone: 0885229238