Smart Transport and Precinct Planning, Atherstone


Lendlease Communities (Atherstone) Pty Ltd

Melton, Victoria

Project stage



Start date: 02 December 2018
End date: 30 April 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • SMEC Australia Pty Ltd
  • KeyOptions Ltd

Focus area

  • City and community planning
  • Facility and services management (buildings, energy, waste, utilities)

Project type

  • People movement
  • Other

Technology type

  • Wi-Fi
  • Hardware
  • Cloud computing

Project summary

The City of Melton (Council) identified they would like to have a better understanding of the movement of people within the Regional Sports Facility and Regional Playspace in the Atherstone master planned community. More specifically, they want to know where community members are travelling to/from and how they are using these facilities. This will then enable Council to better allocate services to reflect the needs of the community and allow for better informed future planning of the development and similar developments within the municipality in future.

The challenge

Council identified the need to better understand the movement of people within the Regional Sports Precinct and Regional Play Space of the Atherstone master planned community. If more was known about how the residents and wider community are travelling within the Estate, and how and when they are using this Regional Sports Precinct and Regional Play Space, Council would be better able to service their particular needs. Learnings from this exercise could be used by Council to make better informed decisions for future planning of similar facilities both at Atherstone master planned community and the wider Melton municipality.


The solution involved developing an integrated near real time data capture process that combines the high rate of market penetration of mobile phone technology, with a number of sophisticated algorithms and analytical techniques to create insights that can feed a map based decision support system.


  • Council is now the owner of this hardware, which can be expanded or relocated to another precinct or asset
  • Installation of beacons within the Regional Sports Precinct as a basis for establishing an integrated proximity network at Atherstone master planned community
  • New, dynamic, functional software platform able to continue collecting data for visualization and interrogation.

Lessons learned

  • During the data recording period, the hardware and mesh network experienced no loss of data - the system ran exceedingly well
  • Location Insights data provided valuable insight into human behaviour (origins/destination inflows/outflows, dwell times)
  • Some analytics outputs were more informative then others.


  • Detector capabilities exceeded expectations because of clearer signals (less white noise than more urbanised environments)
  • Data confirmed high utilisation of community facilities (e.g. day care, community centre, morning exercise) – Council investment justified
  • Strong cross correlation between duration of analysis and programmed public activities
  • Found low utilisation of formal pathways and poor alignment with desire lines – a result of being a developing site with large open spaces
  • Identification of future opportunities and applications, such as:
    • Extension into future sections of the master planned community
    • Integration of the project with other existing Council asset management systems
    • Activation of remote smart lighting systems to provide passive surveillance and safe communities
    • Crowd monitoring and resource allocation at community events, including waste management, toilet maintenance, etc.

Contact details

Name: Stephen Watters