Energy Data for Smart Decision Making


Australian PV Institute Limited

UNSW Kensington, New South Wales, Victoria

Project stage



Start date: 17 November 2017
End date: 19 June 2019

Project value

Australian Government funding:

Focus area

  • Innovation and economic development

Project type

  • Smart energy (solar power, energy storage, batteries)
  • energy storage
  • batteries)

Technology type

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • 3D modeling
  • Online portal

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Project summary

Working with councils and communities to provide independent information about energy and the potential for solar, the Project will integrate mapping, with data on solar insolation, energy generation and; consumption data from precincts across Australia into an open source modelling platform. The open-access platform will assist councils, ratepayers, businesses and community groups to connect, compare and make informed energy investment decisions. Bringing Councils together with the independent research partners the University of New South Wales and service provider Solar Analytics, the Australian PV Institute will deliver on the Smart Cities and Suburbs objectives of community, social and environmental challenges with increased connectivity.

The challenge

The transition from a centralised to a decentralised energy supply system is enabling stronger consumer engagement, end-user generation, load management, storage, new clean energy transactions, community and business models.


This project will integrate an interactive map of solar potential, energy time-series data, and transparent open-source energy models to: - analyse solar potential and energy arrangements. The data will assist councils, ratepayers and community groups to
- make decisions about investment in, operation and configuration of energy technologies, at premises and precinct scales;
- map technical solar potential for new business models and planning functions of councils, electricity networks and broader stakeholders;
- undertake statistical analysis for energy technologies under a range of tariffs and market arrangements, to inform business and community aggregation models, assist councils and other policymakers to design incentives, and support engagement in regulation


Working with councils and community groups through the online platform is delivering benefits of engagement with and awareness raising around clean energy issues, and are a significant source of social capital. The single platform provided through this project will allow data to be shared across councils, network areas and community energy projects to achieve a more rapid scaling up of clean energy technologies.

Lessons learned

There is significant local government engagement with their community on energy and significant consumer interest in the opportunity.


Have mapped eight NSW councils and are on track to map many more, including councils in VIctoria and QLD.