TNIP FYB—TNIP Future Year Builder

TNIP Future Year Builder is a software product, written in Microsoft Access, which facilitates the building of operating scenarios, and the production of associated aircraft noise information, for future time periods. It is an ancillary product to the Department's noise descriptor software package TNIP (Transparent Noise Information Package)

The key purpose of TNIP Future Year Builder is to enable the generation, within TNIP, of information about future aircraft noise exposure patterns which goes beyond conventional ‘annual average day’ information. Nevertheless, the program can be used to construct an ‘average day’ that can be used within the US Federal Aviation Administration's Integrated Noise Model (INM).

A key feature of TNIP Future Year Builder is that the future year scenarios (for use both within TNIP and INM) are constructed without recourse to the statistical analysis of historic wind data. Experience has shown that to accurately allocate future aircraft movements to runways based on the statistical analysis of historic wind data is a very difficult task. There are a number of examples of major projects in Australia where statistically based runway use predictions have proven to be very inaccurate when the project has commenced.

TNIP FYB produces future years by building on past operational experience. The program operates by injecting projected movements into an actual movements data set for a past time period. The future year data base which results from this injection process can be used within TNIP to generate Flight Path Movements and Respite Charts and partial N70 contours. It can also be used to generate an INM average day which can then be used as input into an INM study.

This version of TNIP FYB has been developed as a proof of concept tool and lacks many of the features, such as error trapping, that would be found in a more developed product. The aim of producing this version is to demonstrate the concept and generate feedback on the usefulness of this approach and on specific areas that need further development. A more robust version of the package will be developed based on the results of this feedback. The downloadable zip file contains the Access database, the TNIP FYB User Manual and a small set of sample data. The User Manual can also be downloaded separately.

TNIP FYB Demo (Version 1.0)
TNIP FYB Demo splash screen

Download TNIPFYB Version 1.0 ZIP: 957 KB

TNIP FYB User Manual (Version 1.0)
TNIP FYB User's Manual Version 1.0

Download TNIP FYB User's Manual Version 1.0 PDF: 1878 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 9 July, 2014