TNIP Compact

The key aim of TNIP Compact is to provide the non expert with access to aircraft noise information in as user friendly a manner as possible.

TNIP Compact can be delivered as an auto-starting CD or as a package to download from a web site. It is preloaded with a number of data files which the user can select from the main menu. Once the files are loaded the user is presented with a screen showing the selected noise contours superimposed on an image of the airport. The user is then able to investigate how the contours have been generated by selecting either individually, or in groups, components such as the flight tracks, aircraft type, runway, etc and then seeing the number of movements that have been allocated to the selected components.

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If one particular operation is selected Single Event Noise Contours can be generated for that event—these contours can be superimposed on cumulative contours.

The TNIP application Download Tnip Compact v3.0 (whole package)
—Last updated on 6 June 2012 ZIP: 180192 KB

Download Tnip Compact v3.0 (executable and airport configuration file only)
—Last updated on 6 June 2012 ZIP: 881 KB

This latest version incorporates the following changes:

  • totally redesigned user interface;
  • improved map display, scrolling and scaling;
  • scale bar for maps in contour modules;
  • on screen display of explanatory information;
  • more custom display options for contours;
  • faster operation;
  • improved configuration editor; and
  • more output options:
    • save diagrams in PDF, high or low resolution JPEG and BMP;
    • save contours in geo-referenced KML or DXF format;
    • save calculated grids in NMPLOT or CSV format.

It is very straightforward to set up a TNIP Compact CD for any airport that has carried out a study using the United States Federal Aviation Administration's Integrated Noise Model (INM). This is explained in the TNIP Compact Setup Manual.

Cover of the TNIP Users Manual Download TNIP Compact Setup Manual v1.0 PDF: 201 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 9 July, 2014