TNIP Movie Demonstrations

Below is a list of short movies on Transparent Noise Information Package (TNIP) capabilities and procedures for generating TNIP setup files.

You will require Macromedia Flash Player to view the movies. The size of the movie screens are at most 895 pixels wide and 760 pixels high. Please ensure that your browser window is large enough to accommodate this size.

A Broadband connection is recommended for these presentations.

TNIP EXPERT v2.1—new features
[SWF: Intro—323KB, 3 Short Movies between 1MB and 20MB]
Tutorials for the new features that have been added to TNIP Expert v2.1.
[SWF: Intro 620KB, 12 Short Movies between 3MB and 34MB]
Training sessions for generating setup files and for using all six modules in TNIP Expert.
[SWF: Intro 748KB, Modules 1–7 between 8.5MB and 18.5 MB]
An overall view of all seven modules in TNIP-CV. The most recent version of TNIP-CV is called TNIP COMPACT. The user interface in both versions is very similar.
Detailed Grid Setup
[SWF: 3MB]
Procedure for generating the grid_dtl.dbf file that is required for producing and viewing contours in TNIP.

If you are unable to access these movies, you can download a PDF version of TNIP-Compact Setup Manual Version 1.0 PDF: 201 KB ReadSpeaker and TNIP Expert Setup Manual Version 1.0. PDF: 1309 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 9 July, 2014